Voice Usability testing with Wizard of Oz- lessons learned.

User testing voice apps

WUD posters

(long read but lots of details on how to test with voice apps)
With the recent proliferation of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) in our homes such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, its seems that VUIs are fast on their way to becoming a mainstream consumer technology.

Voice is a new paradigm for us UX’ers and being interested in voice as a new technology and communication in general, I wanted to learn more about how we go about creating and testing Voice Experiences. World Usability Day (WUD) at work presented a good opportunity to do just that.  At WUD, our agency User Vision, holds an open house where we invite clients to come in and try new technologies and discuss ideas around UX.

Myself and my colleague Gayle Whittaker ran a voice usability testing session with the objective of exploring how to set and run voice usability testing sessions.  We ran this throughout the day to give clients the opportunity to participant and observe voice usability testing. Also after each session we had some interesting discussions with clients about how they think voice apps in general and how voice experiences fits into their  organisations.  So what did we do? We created ‘Amy’ a hotel voice concierge app…

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