Ethnographic research with Diary studies

image two peopleEthnographic research involves observing participants in their natural world setting and analysing their behaviour.

‘A diary study’ is an ethnographical research method that we commonly employ in in UX.

A diary study involves asking participants to take part in a research project over a period of time (generally about two weeks) and during that time, we ask participants to undertake tasks and log their feedback in a ‘diary’ as they go along.  We may also follow up with interviews with a subset of participants to expand on themes that emerged during the research.   How to get to the heart of your customer experience with diary studies? Continue reading


Running productive UX Workshops

image of people at workship

We do love to run Workshops in UX and why not?

Whether it is a feedback or co-creation session with customers or a strategy or product development meeting with internal teams; workshops are a creative, fun and efficient way to gain insights and generate new ideas.  And they have the added benefit of keeping key groups of people at the centre of the design process.   However, unfortunately workshops also have the potential to descend into frustrating unproductive talking shops. Especially if they have been poorly thought-out or lack structure.

Having been part of, and run a number of UX workshops over the years, some more successful than others, here are my top takeaways or tactics we can employ to run more effective UX Workshops.  Continue reading