Designing conversational UIs using Storytelling

storeybook I’ve been to a couple of great workshops on designing conversational UIs lately, more recently with Ben Sauer of Clearleft and Steph Hay of Capital One who took us through their thoughts on how to design for conversations.   Whether it be a voice app or a bot that we are designing for, this new medium of communication with our customers is an exciting area for us UX’ers to venture into.

As we know, in this new medium, the experience is stripped back to the bare bones of the experience: the conversation between and your user.  Which is liberating but also a bit daunting at the same time.  So how do we approach designing for this brave new world?   It seems to me, that thinking about these new experiences in terms of a story may help us create something that our users can relate to and easily engage with.   Continue reading


The Human Mind and User Experience

Here goes.  I have officially started my PhD by Research with the School of Health and Life Sciences and the Centre for Interaction Design at Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.

My working title is:

The UX Factor; what makes Positive User Experiences
 and how do we describe and measure them?

Companies talk about creating a ‘great User Experience ’ for digital customers.  I would like to know more about what that means.  As UX it is essentially about experience (of technology) I believe the study of human behaviour- psychology- has a lot to offer us in better understanding what is going on.

Anyone who has done or is undertaking a PhD knows that starting off is daunting task.  There is an ocean of material out there to navigate through.   Where to start?

How do you eat an Elephant?  One bite at a time.

The first areas I would like to look at are:

  • What does UX mean? And what elements does it comprise? Both within academia and in industry.
  • What has psychology got to do with it? And which areas to consider e.g. the affective (emotional/feelings) or the cognitive (analysis/evaluation)
  • What measurements/methodologies are companies currently using to capture these processes?

The term user experience has expanded in recent years to include all aspects of users engagement with a company from branding to design.  It is a continuous loop with all parts of chain impacting on each other but I would like to focus on the  area between marketing and user experience/research.

Take a deep breath.