Focus and Healthy Mindsets

Teaching old dogs new tricks 

from Liz Henry Flickr

How did we evolve to be in charge of this planet? By having the largest brain relative to body size of all mammals, that’s how.

The brain is an important organ. Though it takes up only 2% of our body mass, all that thinking, learning and interpreting consumes 20% of our energy.   How we experience the world depends on what is going on inside of our brain.

And what is really interesting is,  no matter what age we are,  we can change the make-up of our brains depending on what we are engaged in –  a process known as neuroplasticity.  This is good news if we are striving to continually learn and improve.  We do, however, need to exercise our brains in order to build this muscle.  Continue reading


Changing your life in 30 days

Eat an elephantI have been reading lately about the power of habits and rituals to achieve outcomes and goals. It seems we can achieve much more by shifting our fixation away from setting goals to rather focusing on the processes and changes in behaviours needed to achieve that goal.  This relates to any goals in our lives such as; losing weight, making more time for learning, writing a book etc. Or one of my own goals such as write a blog every month (ahem).

The problem with focusing on goals is that when we get distracted or if something slips and we don’t achieve that goal, we become disheartened and it’s easy to let it slide.

Our goals become something we talk about but not actually end up doing.

However if we shift the focus away from the goal to creating the habit or ritual to support the goal; even if we don’t end up exactly where we thought we would; we will have achieved something along the way; establishing the good habits.   And changes will happen.   But how do we do this?  Continue reading