How to measure emotion in design

heart window(longish read – 15 mins)

Emotion in design matters.  A positive emotional experience with a product can be what sets that product apart from its competition.  Attachment to a product or brand is often the reason we chose one product over another, as the army of IPhone fans will attest to.

And whether we are trying to make emotions a big part of the experience we are creating,  like in Gaming for example or whether we just want our customers to feel safe and confident when doing mundane tasks like emailing, we still want our customers to feel something when they engage with that product.   Is it possible to measure that feeling? And what techniques in UX are available to do so?  Continue reading


Designing for Emotion in User Experience

smiley faceTo be human is to be emotional.  Emotions are an important part of our genetic makeup. They allow us to form social bonds and help us engage with and navigate the world around us.  Engaging with technology is a big part of that world.

As UX’ers we look to remove friction and make products and services easy to use.  But usability alone will not make our customers value or continue to use our products. In order to engage with our users at a deeper level, we need to look to design experiences that connect with them on a more emotional level.   We need to design emotional experiences.  Continue reading