A picture paints a 1000 words @UX Scotland 2013

UX Scotland
UX Scotland 2013

I was delighted to be back in Edinburgh and among the UX Community in the UX Scoltand Conference at the end of June.   Lots of interesting talks both inside the workshops and outside.   Dynamic Earth is a stunning venue in Edinburgh and the organisers Software-Acumen did a great job on the organisation, content and energy that was UX Scotland.
Well done Ryan on the recording of the event and subsequent gathering of materials and generally being everywhere at all times with a camera. 🙂

photo of conference

One theme that was particularly prevalent for me during the sessions was the use of pictures or visualisations to tell stories.   Whether that story is about a person’s presentation or feedback from research or even your customers’ journey; pictures make insights more accessible and digestible.

Three talks in particular drew me in (pun intended)

  1. The Mind’s eye: How we Perceive Data with Graham Odds
  2. Getting started with Sketchnoting with Michele Ide- Smith
  3. How to make your first Comic or Storyboard with Bonny Colville-Hyde

Easier to process

During his talk, Graham mentioned Daniel Kahneman’s book on Thinking Fast and Slow and his two systems of decision making

picture of system 1 and 2
Rough drawing of System 1 and 2

Graham spok of how Data Visualisation can help us present information in a more ‘system 1’ type of way, making it quicker and easier for an audience to process

Easier to Remember

I had a great time in Michele’s workshop creating basic shapes and getting over my fear of sketching.    Michele told us and showed us how, when we see and hear something at the same time, it helps us commit it to memory.

drawing of brain
Michele Ide-Smith drawing

Easier to engage our stakeholders

Bonny Colville-Hyde’s workshop was also very hand-on and engaging, which is exactly how she described working with comics.  She spoke how we spend lots hours creating reports , which in the end are loved only by the authors.

Bonny Colville-Hyde slide

And last but not least  I must mention the first presentation of the conference-“Better Product Definition with Lean UX & Design thinking”  Keynote talk by Jeff Gothelf of NEO.   It was a great talk with lots of food for thought; Agile UX is something we are trying to get to grips with here in Paddy Power.  Rather than go on about it, I thought I would try and capture my notes via a Sketchnote…

sketchnote talk


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