15 Tips on what NOT to do when running a training course

I have just had been on a day’s training course in work (from an external supplier).  Now the guy probably knew his stuff but was obviously NOT a trainer and this experience reminded me of my previous role working in adult education and made me think of…

… what NOT to do when running a learning course

    1. Do NOT start off in a bored flat tone and bring the energy of the room right down
    2. Do NOT forget to introduce yourself at the beginning and ask participants to do the same
    3. Do NOT come unprepared and bounce from one topic to another in haphazard manner
    4. Do NOT omit to state what the objectives of the day are and most importantly, ask participants what THEY want to achieve from that daysocrates
    5. Do NOT neglect to ask participants about thier previous experiences and adapt the course to their level (s)
    6. Do NOT forget to make the course relevant and adapt examples to participants roles/context and instead stick rigidly to your own schedule
    7. Do NOT plough through your PowerPoint, never pausing to encourage participants to comment or contribute
    8. Do NOT forget to take a temperature check on how participants are getting on  and making sure everyone is comfortable before moving on
    9. Do NOT overlook giving your participants the opportunity to play with the technology and practice newly acquired knowledge
    10. Do NOT start explaining an important concept that takes 30 mins 10 mins before lunch
    11. Do NOT use lines such as “I wouldn’t say this is boring but.. “ , “don’t worry about that .. you don’t need to know about that” or “ don’t worry, the coffee is coming”
    12. Do NOT forget about debate, discussion and group learning
    13. Do NOT forget to have a bit of fun; adults generally like learning
    14. Do NOT forget the chocolate
    15. And do NOT make participants feel like they would have had a much more productive and enjoyable  learning experience  if they had taken the day off and studied videos  on You Tube

**in fairness to this trainer,  there was a lot of internal technical issues which were very distracting and  when he was asked to do so, he was happy to stop and go through specific examples.

Malcolm Knowles Principles of Andragogy (adult learning)

  • The need to know — adult learners need to know why they need to learn something before undertaking to learn it.
  • Learner self-concept —adults need to be responsible for their own decisions and to be treated as capable of self-direction
  • Role of learners’ experience —adult learners have a variety of experiences of life which represent the richest resource for learning.
  • Readiness to learn —adults are ready to learn those things they need to know in order to cope effectively with life situations.
  • Orientation to learning —adults are motivated to learn to the extent that they perceive that it will help them perform tasks they confront in their life situations.

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