The Psychology of User Experience (part 2 of 3)

In the second part of my research on Positive User Experiences I am looking a little closer at what psychology /cognitive science have to do with User Experience.    What concepts are important? My first task in understanding this was to look at what was out there describing User Experience and extract any components of UX which might be considered psychological in nature.   This is what that picture looks like:


Some initial observations:

  • UX is about Humans and technology and involves processes that are both cognitive and affective
  • Emotions and feelings are a core part of user experience and the aim is to provide positive, fun and joyful experiences that connect and are meaningful to users.
  • User experience involves choices and decision-making processes which impacts user behaviour
  • Users’ have their own needs, goals, values which motivate actions
  • Users’ attitudes are important indicators of user behaviour and they come to the experience with prior experiences and expectations.
  • Perceptions, sensory, aesthetics are important concepts; especially in relation to design; elicit subconscious reactions?
  • Digital agencies talk of Experience in terms of brands, designs, and making engagement s more user friendly, meaningful and positive
  • Academics focus on the experience in terms of phenomena that is constructed in the exchange between people and technology.  It is personal, subjective, internal but also very social.

The question is how/can you deconstruct that experience ?

**Got any comments or know of any great resources related to what UX is?   Please leave me a comment!

Up next – part 3 of 3 – How to measure User Experiences..


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